How to be Prepared to Recover Your Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I had my desktop crash and when I bought it from I never received a recovery disk or an OS system disk so I have nothing to reboot the computer with but I have the product key for it but no way to get a copy for the key that I have.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thank you, Sam


Dear Sam,

This is an important question, and a situation where many people find themselves.

When you purchase a new or used computer, you want to make sure you have the disks needed to do a fresh install of Windows in the event of an infection, or hard drive crash.

Many computers now come with a restore partition on the hard drive that will allow you to do a fresh install. That is a great idea… unless your hard drive has died or become corrupted, then you have lost your restore partition along with your hard drive.

To provide a fix for this problem, many computer manufactures will provide a program that will allow you to make your own backup CDs when you first get your computer. If you bring home your new computer, and a reminder pops up asking you to make a restore CD set, don’t ignore it. Make those CDs.

Another option that you might be able to use in your situation is to call the manufacturer of your computer. It might be HP, or Compaq, Dell or Gateway. Many manufacturers will sell you a restore CD set for 20 or 30 dollars.

If none of those options are working for you, then you will have to purchase a retail version of Windows. This is a rather expensive solution. Windows sells for over $100 but it is still less expensive than purchasing a new computer.

The fact that you purchased your computer online at Tiger really does not make much of a difference, but the brand of the computer can make a difference for you.


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