How To Clean My Laptop

Dear Computer Lady,

Is there any easy way to clean (literally!) my laptop?

I have 2 cats who shed and also are very good at kicking up litter dust so I’m sure that there is a bunch of “stuff” inside the case!

Any suggestions other than to take it to a tech?
Thank you, I’ve been a subscriber since I first got a pc and you have taught me so very much!


Dear Gayle,

Laptops don’t have as much air flowing through them as desktop computers do, so cleaning it out is probably much easier.

All you really need is a can of compressed air, and a damp rag or two.

Start by turning off your laptop, unplugging it and removing the battery.

Open your laptop and use the compressed air to blow across the keyboard to remove any loose crumbs or particles.

Turn the laptop over and find any ventilation areas. Blow them clean with the compressed air as well.

Now, get your damp rag (I sometimes use a Clorox cleaning wipe) and clean the keyboard, and all surfaces except the screen. I like to use my fingernail on the cloth to clean between the rows of keys.

Finally take a clean damp cloth with no cleaners on it and clean your screen. If you find that it is really dirty, mix distilled water and white vinegar and spray on the cloth then use it to gently wipe the screen.



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