How To Increase Laptop Volume

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Is there any way to turn up the volume more on my laptop?

When I go to play some videos from Facebook, the volume is up high on the videos and the volume on my laptop is as high as it will go but I still have problems hearing it well.

Is there anyway I can make it louder?

Thank you, Ruth

Dear Ruth,

If the volume on the video and the volume on your laptop are both turned all the way up, and you still can’t hear the video, you will have to look at ways outside of your laptop to increase the volume.

You could try plugging in headphones, this would eliminate interference from your surroundings, and make it easier to hear.

You could also try an external speaker. I used to use a small USB powered speaker with my laptop when watching movies in my sewing room. (Now I watch them on my iPad and the volume is just fine)

One or both of those items should make it easier for you to hear your videos. If you are using headphones, be careful that you don’t damage your ears when a regular volume video plays really loudly.



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