How To Use a SanDisk Drive


Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question regarding the SanDisk cruzer mini 128MB.

Received it as a gift with no instructions, so I don’t know how to use it.  I know there is a place on the computer to plug it in on both of my computers.  There is a disk drive for it too but that’s about it.

I need a step by step instruction as to what I should do when taking data from one to the other.  Can you give this info to me?

Thank you, Kathy




Dear Kathy,

The SanDisk cruzer-mini is a small usb storage device. If you are using it on a computer running Windows XP or ME, all you have to do, is plug it into a USB port, wait a few seconds while Windows finds the device, and then open “My Computer”. You will see a new drive listed in “My Computer” which you can use just like a floppy drive. Unlike a floppy which holds 1.44Mb, your SanDisk holds 128MB, kind of like 100 floppy disks!

If you have a file that you want to put on the sandisk, just open “My Computer”, double click on the sandisk drive and drag your files into that window. It is much easier to use than a CD burner, and you can edit and change files on the sandisk.

If you are running a Windows 98 computer, you might have to go to the SanDisk website and download drivers for your disk. I have included a link below which you can use to learn more about the drive, and also to download drivers if you need to.



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