Installing A Program On A Chromebook

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

My kids insisted that the business world is going to Chrome Books and they obtained one for me.

My problem is that it doesn’t have a CD or DVD player.

I have a medical bracelet and I’d like to update the information on it, but I need to use the CD and program that puts the program into Chrome Book.

Is there a solution for this?

Thank you, Roberta

Dear Roberta,

You can purchase an optical drive with a USB connection to use with your Chromebook, but before you do, you need to find out if your medical bracelet program needs windows in order to work.

If the program is a Windows program, it will not run on your Chromebook, since the Chromebook only runs the chrome operating system.

A Chromebook is great for email and web browsing, and you can use Google Documents online for creating and editing documents, but it does not run programs like a computer with the Windows operating system does.



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