Is it Safe to Unplug Monitors?

Dear Computer Lady,

Just wondering… is it okay NOT to turn off an LCD monitor through its power button? instead i turn it off by directly unplugging the power cord off the wall.. same goes by turning it on.

mine are 10 units of Samsung E1920. Would take sometime to turn off each one of them by each power button. Any technical explanation would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Johnny


Dear Johnny,

I think (and this is just my opinion) that it is fine to turn your monitors off by unplugging the power cord from the wall. Let me explain.

I work in a classroom where there is a whole row of computers and monitors that are plugged into a power strip, which is then plugged into the wall. At the end of class, the students shut down their computers and since I teach in the evening, and there are no classes coming in after my class, I then unplug the cord from the wall, or if the power strip has a switch, I just turn off the switch.

While I believe that there is a very slight chance of a power surge damaging the monitors when I plug them back in, I think that chance is smaller than the chance of a power surge coming through the line if I left them plugged in all the time.

The only question that I have for you is why you are unplugging or turning off the LCD monitors. When you shut down the computer attached to the monitor, this puts the monitor into a standby mode kind of like when you turn your TV off. The monitor in this state only uses a miniscule amount of power until you turn the computer back on. In the same way, your TV when it is turned off, consumes just enough power to detect the remote control beam turning it back on.


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