Laptop Charging Port Repair

Dear computer lady,

I have an older laptop that was dropped with the power cord attached.
I thought that the end of the power cord had bent, and i needed a new
cord. I took it to the store where i purchased it, and found out that it’s not the power cord, but the prong in the charging port that got bent – thus no connection.

They said that it would have to be replaced – to the tune of a little over $300 which is way more than the computer is worth.

While I wouldn’t mind getting a new laptop, there are photos (and maybe some documents) on my laptop that i would like.

Isn’t there a less expensive way to fix it?

And if so, can a novice like me do it?

Thank you! Carol

Dear Carol,

There is probably not a less expensive way to fix your laptop, but there is a way to get your files off the hard drive. It is probably not something that a novice can do, but your local computer shop should be able to help you with that.

I recover files from hard drives for my customers all the time, but an even less expensive option would be to have your files backed up before accidents happen.



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    • DiggerP
    • August 8, 2016

    Hi Carol,

    I agree that $300 is excessive, although I don’t know how extensive the damage is.

    To help yourself there are a couple of suggestions.

    Relatively easy :

    Most laptop harddrives can be removed from the bottom of the laptop
    via a removable access cover . Take out the harddrive and connect to another computer
    via an adapter such as here or similar.

    If you don’t know how – Google search is your friend. or go to the manufacturer’s website
    for the manual for your make and Model
    .Download it and Read the info about removing the harddrive.

    Once you have the adapter attached to your laptop drive and plug it into a USB port on the other computer . you’re all set to recover your data.
    Just be careful attaching the adapter to the drive – and make sure the pins are aligned
    and the adapter is seated properly.

    I doubt that you’ll be able to repair the laptop yourself unless you’re handy with small tools,
    but that’s also a choice….
    There are plenty of repair videos on YouTube..

    Good Luck,


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