Laptop Keyboard Problems

Dear Computer Lady:

My Sony Laptop no longer types letters “M” “N” or “Z”.. Otherwise it works fine. It is about ten years old, but does work fine for what I use it for.
Is it time to chuck this laptop in the recycle bin or is there a way to fix this? Naturally it is difficult to answer letters with these letters missing. I use it for game playing.

Thanks for your help, Blue Willow


Dear Blue Willow,

Laptop computers are great for working on the go, the are light and portable. Unfortunately, however, fixing a laptop is always a bit harder than fixing a desktop computer.

Fixing the keyboard on a ten year old laptop is not going to be worth the cost, but if the laptop has a working USB port, you could always try using an external keyboard.

I was able to find a basic USB keyboard like this one for less than ten dollars at Amazon. At that price, it would be worth trying on your laptop.

I hope this helps you with your typing.


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    • Bex
    • June 30, 2012

    Sometimes the keys on a keyboard will not work because crumbs or other debris has lodged under the plastic key, which does not allow the key to depress fully so it does not make proper contact with the button beneath it which is what actually must depress in order for the particular letter to work. You can very carefully remove the particular non working key by prising it up at the corners (there are also websites on the internet that you can study, so you can see the technique and what to expect when you remove the key cover). I would check this, before ‘dumping’ the keyboard, as this might be a very simple fix. Good luck.

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