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Dear Computer Lady,

I have a new laptop running Windows 7 and using my neighbours signal (bad me). I have two other computers I would like to go wireless with and get my own account. They are both running Windows XP.

How can I tell if they have wireless capabillities?

Thank you. Mary


Dear Mary,

I really wish you had mentioned if the older computers were also laptops, or if they are desktop computers.

If your older computers are desktop computers, they almost certainly do not have wireless built in.

If they are laptops, they probably have wireless. I would look in the manual if you have it for the location of a wi-fi switch, and a wi-fi signal indicator somewhere near the keyboard. Usually if the wi-fi is turned on and running there is a small led light indicating that it is on. The wi-fi icon looks like a tower with sound waves coming out of both sides, or it will actually have the letters, “WI-FI” as the signal indicator. Every model is a little different, so I can’t give you an exact location.

If you are working with XP desktop computers, and you are going to get your own high speed internet connection, I would use the wired ethernet connection for the desktops, and the wireless for the laptop. The wired connection is faster and much easier to set up and use. You will need a wireless router for your laptop, and just about every wireless router available comes with 4 connections for connecting wired devices.

You can purchase a USB wireless adapter and use it with the older computers. A quick search at amazon turned up some pretty good results.

Click here for wireless USB adaptors


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