Low System Battery

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Dell computer. I have just started getting this message; Alert System Battery Voltage is low when I turn the computer on. Where would I find the system battery and is it something I can take care of myself?

Thank you, Barbara


Dear Barbara,

Since you did not mention if your computer is a laptop or a desktop computer, I am going to base this answer on the assumption that you are using a desktop computer.

The battery that the message is most likely talking about is a small, round battery like the kind you put in your watch. This battery is used to keep some settings like the date and time, along with some hardware settings that your computer uses when it is starting up.

The battery is located on the motherboard of your computer, and if you are comfortable opening up your computer, and know how to prevent static discharge (which could damage your computer) you can probably replace the battery yourself. If, however you shudder at the thought of working inside your computer, or you don’t know how to properly ground yourself and prevent causing static damage to the inside of your computer, just bring it to your local computer shop for a replacement.


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