Mouse Button not Working

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows XP Home Edition and recently the right click on my mouse stopped working.

I’ve had this mouse for several years and originally just plugged it in and it worked without software.

I checked options and there was nothing available for right click only to change it to a left hand mouse. My left hand click works fine so it isn’t on left-hand mode.

Thank you, Kimberly


Dear Kimberly,

It sounds like the right button on your mouse has reached the end of its life.

The mouse on your computer does have a limit to the number of times it will click. Usually, we see the left mouse button fail long before the right mouse button (only because we left click many more times) but occasionally there is some small structural defect that causes the right mouse button to go first.

Fortunately, a mouse is not a very expensive component on your computer, and it is very easy to install a new one.

Before you go to the store to purchase a new mouse, check the connection on the back of your computer to see what kind of connection your current mouse is using (turn the computer off before you check).

If the connection is round (about the size of a pencil eraser) and has pins, this is a PS2 connection.

If the connection is a rectangle with no pins, it is a USB connection.

You can usually put a USB mouse in your computer even if you were formerly using a PS2 mouse, but some computers don’t even come with a PS2 connection any more. If you are not sure, just get a USB mouse.

When installing the mouse, be sure to remember that a PS2 mouse can never be plugged in or unplugged when the computer is turned on. If you are installing a USB mouse, you can plug it in with the computer turned on. Remember that it often takes a few minutes for Windows to identify and use the device for the first time, so give it a few minutes before trying to move the mouse.


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    • wpsurfer
    • March 3, 2011

    I had a simlar problem on windows 7 a few months ago with my LH button. Very difficult had to use keyboard, I tried swapping buttons in control panel to make sure the button was ok, which it was. I resolved by reinstalling driver software which somehow had got corrupted.
    Now a few days ago same thing happened with my RH button. Straight away I tried reinstalling driver, but this didn’t fix it. I knew mouse was ok because I could here click. As before swapped buttons in control panel to double check. This was resolved after a virus scan found a worm, once deleted my mouse returned to normal

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