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Dear Computer Lady,

I recently bought a new HP Desk top computer to replace my old HP.

My old computer had pin connectors on the mouse & keyboard the new has a different type of connector making my old mouse & keyboard useless.
My question is do they have an adapter to go from the pin to the new connector?

I am 78 yrs old and not to computer smart but I read your post all the time and thought if anybody knows you would .

Thank you for any help you can give me, Al

Dear Al,

The short answer to your question is, “no”. You will have to purchase a new keyboard and mouse for your new computer.

There are adapters that convert ps2 connectors (the round ones with pins) to USB (which is what your new computer uses) however those only work with a mouse and/or keyboard that is made to support both the ps/2 and USB interface.

Since your old mouse and keyboard probably don’t support both interfaces, they won’t work with the adapters.



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