Out Of Range Error Message

Dear Computer Lady,

When I try to sign on my computer says OUT OF RANGE! Why is this happening?



Dear Terry,

“Out of Range” is not a message that is coming from your computer, it is a message coming from your monitor. It means that the monitor is getting a signal from the computer that is out of the range of settings that the monitor can work with.

In order to fix this, you will probably have to boot into safe mode (which uses a basic range of video settings and change them to something that your monitor can work with.

Most versions of Windows will give you a boot menu which includes Safe Mode if you press the F8 key (in the very top row of the keyboard) once every second when you first turn on the computer.

Just turn the computer on, and tap the F8 key once a second. If your timing is right, you should get a boot menu. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the highlighted line to “Safe Mode” and then press the enter key.

Once you are in Safe Mode, you can right click on your desktop, then click on “Properties” to get to the “Display Properties” window.

Click on the “Settings” tab in the “Display Properties” window, and try changing the screen resolution until you find a setting that works when you re-boot the computer.


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