Possible Monitor Problem

Dear Computer Lady,

My question is about my monitor.

I have Windows XP and an old computer but a very good one and had it upgraded a few months ago. The Tech said its in excellent shape and he added some memory to it.

I have a flat screen monitor that as given to me and not sure how old it is,its an 18″ one. My monitor will sometimes, often close down for no reason and I can’t get it to come back up without shutting down the computer with the power button and waiting a few minutes to turn it back on. Sometimes the monitor will shut down 2-3-4 times in a row then not shut down again all day. Sometimes once, some days not at all.

Can you tell me what is wrong or how I go about finding out? I am afraid of hurting my computer by shutting it down like that altho I do hold the power button in as the tech had said should be done.

Thanks, Peggy


Dear Peggy,

It is definitely not good shutting down your computer by holding in the power button until it shuts off. Over time, this will cause problems with any version of Windows.

I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the monitor for your problems, however. If the problem was with the monitor, turning the tower off and then back on would not fix the problem even temporarily. I would suspect that the video card in the tower is probably the culprit.

A good start to troubleshooting would be to try a different monitor with your tower and see if it has the same problem.

When you put money into upgrading a computer that is over 5 years old, you should always do so knowing that the rest of the computer is reaching the end of its life and, while it might last 5 more years, chances are it will not run that long.


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    • Annesananax3
    • June 17, 2011

    I also have XP and have been having the same probs for a couple of months. New monitor has not helped. Can’t help but think it has something to do with the new version of IE. Have been having a host of other probs since new version of IE came out. Have a new pc with windows 7, just haven’t had time to transfer files and set up. Have a feeling problem will be solved when I do.

    • Dowlen75
    • June 17, 2011

    I had a simular problem with my Acer Monitor. It began to flash off for a few seconds and then back own. I checked to make sure that the connection from monitor to computer was secure.. I found that it was not plugged in securely and when I tightened the connection, I have not had any problems. My suggestions is Check the connection to your PC.

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