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Dear Computer Lady,

I am a long standing fan of yours and want to thank you for all the answers in easy to understand language. I have not heard anyone ask this one: How to put music on your MP-3 or iPod.

Thanks, Carolyn


Dear Carolyn,

To put music on your iPod, you need to go to www.apple.com/ipod/start and download iTunes.

Once you have downloaded and then installed iTunes, the program will search your hard drive for music and then show you a list of the songs on your computer. Just put a check mark in the box in front of the songs you want on your iPod, plug in the iPod, and the songs will automatically be transferred to your iPod.

You can also insert a music CD into your computer, iTunes will show you a list of songs on the CD, and again, you put a check mark in front of the songs that you want saved on your computer and then transferred to the iPod.

You can also purchase songs online to be played on your iPod.

To put music on an mp3 player, you have a lot more choices. You can usually drag music files from your computer directly to the mp3 player using “My Computer” or “Windows Explorer”.

If you have Windows Vista, it is very easy to use Windows Media Player to put music on your MP3. Just attach your MP3 player, open Windows Media Player and watch your device appear on the right side of the window. Once your player appears, you can simply drag songs to your player, or click on the “Sync” menu at the top of the window and have Windows Media Player “Shuffle” music from your collection to the player.



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