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Dear Computer Lady,

 I’m new to the computer world and need some help.

Is it possible to scan an article from a magazine and send it via e-mail?

Thank you for all the information you provide.


Dear Pam,

It is possible to scan an article from a magazine and then send it by email, but you should know before you start that there is  more than one step involved in the process.

[ad#scanner1]You will need a scanner if you don’t already have one, I am using a fairly new Epson scanner, pictured here that has a high-rise lid that allows me to scan pages from books, and larger objects.

Let’s start with scanning your magazine article, then we can discuss how to send the article by email.

Scanning magazine articles is something that I do because it is so much easier to store my scanned articles on the computer, or even archived on a CD or DVD than it is to store the stacks of magazines that contain the articles. I even have some of my small sewing patterns scanned and stored on the computer. 

Each scanner comes with its own built-in program for scanning, so I can’t give you directions for every scanner, but I can give you directions using the Epson Scanner that I use, and you will have to figure out the equivalent steps for your particular scanner.

 1. Put your magazine in your scanner and turn the scanner on.

3-19-2009-8-24-06-pm2. Double click on your scanner icon if it is on  your desktop, or find it in your start menu and click on it. My scanner icon is on my desktop and it is named, Epson Scan.


3-19-2009-8-27-31-pm3. When the Scanning program opens, click on the “Preview” button. The scanner will take a quick, low quality scan and display it for you to see. Make sure the article is right side up and not too crooked. If it is not placed correctly, make the necessary adjustments, and click the “Preview” button again.

4.  In the preview window, use your mouse to draw a box around the part of your magazine page that you want to scan. The box will have a moving dashed line around the edges. You can drag each individual side of the box to fine tune your selection.

5. Back in the scanning window, you want to set up your scanning options. 3-19-2009-8-35-50-pmIn my Epson software, there is a small button for “File Save Settings” right next to the “Scan” button. By clicking on the “File Save Settings” button, I can select the location where I want to save my file, and select the format I am saving my image in. This software allows me to save my article as a PDF file which works great for my needs. I use the “File Name setting to enter the name of the article, this way I can easily identify my file later.

Note: If your scanning software doesn’t have the option to save your files in the PDF format, save them in JPG format. It won’t work as nice as the PDF, but it is probably the next best thing.

6. Once you are finished with your file save settings, click the “OK” button at the bottom of the window, and click on the “Scan” button.

7. Wait while the scanner takes the scan of your magazine page. When it is done, my scanner displays a dialog box asking me if I want to add another page to my file. This is the advantage of scanning to a PDF file, the format supports multiple pages in one file. If you are scanning to JPG files, you will need to scan one file for each page of your article. I am going to click “Add Page” since my article has more than one page.

8. Click the “Preview” button, draw your box and click the scan button again.

 9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all your pages have been scanned.

10. After you have scanned the last page, click the “Save File” button and your PDF file will be automatically created and saved.

Once you have scanned and saved your article, you can attach it to an email message and send the email.

You can find directions for emailing photos (or any file attachment) in this article:

Scroll down to find the directions for the email program you are using.



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