Screen is Upside Down

Dear Computer Lady,

I never had this happen before.

Working on my computer, screen went BLACK for only a few seconds, then came back on UPSIDE DOWN.

I tried to contact Vaio help and MSN help, but had to turn computer upside down to type (not as easy as it sounds) and accidently turned off the power while chatting with a service person.

I got the idea to restore and it worked. Hooray.
Did I hit a button I did not know I had (my hand is in a small splint)…..This is so weird.
Everyone I tell, laughed!!!! Dottie

Dear Dottie,

You probably did hit a keyboard combination to turn the screen upside down, however I can’t really tell you exactly what keyboard combination you used.

Flipping the screen is a “feature” of the video card driver, and since there are quite a few different video card manufacturers, there is no, “universal” flip the screen keyboard combination.

Some video card drivers have you hold down the “Ctrl and Alt” keys then press the arrow keys to rotate the display. This did not work on my computer, however, I could go into the control panel and flip my monitor image. (it was hard to use the mouse with the upside down screen!) Then I just changed the setting to put it back the right way.

If this happens in the future, you can either do a system restore, or try to go to your display adapter in the Control Panel and change it from there.



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    • ron007
    • January 26, 2013

    I agree, you have the most likely cause identified. Another workaround requires “thinking outside of the box”, literally. Plug in an external monitor and flip the monitor upside down.

    Look through the control panel applet for the video and find the option to TURN OFF the shortcut keys.

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