Should I Buy 32 or 64-bit

Dear Computer Lady,

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My question concerns 32 bit verses 64 bit. I am looking at a new laptop and the one I like, and ASUS, is 64 bit.

Someone told me that my 32 bit programs won’t work on it – I am particularly concerned about Photoshop, which I just purchased last year. Is this true?

Also, what do you think of that brand of laptop? Do you have a laptop you particularly like?

Thanks for all your help! Janeen
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Dear Janeen,

The answer to your question is not as simple as a yes or no. There are quite a few things to consider.

Will all your 32 bit programs work on a new 64-bit laptop? Most of your 32-bit programs will still work, but there are a few programs that won’t work. When I made the switch from 32 to 64-bit, there were only two programs that didn’t work. One was an embroidery program, and the other was a small program that synced my Outlook Calendar with the Google Calendar.Since then, both programs have been updated and now work fine.

The best way to check if your photoshop program will work with a 64-bit operating system, is to check their website. I did a quick Google search and found that Photoshop CS4 does have a 64-bit version. I don’t know what version of Photoshop you have, but CS4 has been out for a while now.

In my opinion, the biggest thing to consider when purchasing a new computer is longevity. All new computers will eventually be 64-bit, and then all programs will also be made to run on 64-bit computers. Software manufactures will no longer write old 32-bit versions of each program. When this happens, if you are still using a 32-bit computer, you will find yourself not being able to run some newer programs until you replace the computer.

As for the brand of laptop, I have not owned an ASUS, but I have not heard anything bad about them either.


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    • mrsjmn
    • July 16, 2011

    I signed up so I could comment on ASUS. Finally, I know something worth saying. I have gotten ASUS computers for desktop use in the last 8 years. When it cam to buying a laptop I checked all brands and then went with ASUS. That was 2 years ago. I love the ASUS brand. It’s user friendly and keeps running without problem. My next computer will be another ASUS.

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