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[ad#acronisti]Dear Computer Lady,

My family has probably 1000 picture slides of our childhood. The projector and the bulb is practically obsolete……  how can we got about transferring slides onto c.d…. is it possible without having to float a loan.

Thank you for your time, Beth

Dear Beth,

Getting your old slides and photos onto CDs is possible as long as you have the right equipment. You will need a scanner that can handle slides (some will even scan negatives) and a CD burner.


I have a wonderful scanner that does both slides and negatives, it is an Epson Perfection2450 Photo scanner. I purchased this scanner several years ago, and it was in the five hundred dollar range then. Now, Epson has a newer scanner, the 2480, on their website that does slides and negatives for just $99.

Once you have scanned your slides and saved them on your computer, you just have to burn them onto CDs to save them and share them with your family. Most computers these days come with a CD burner built in, it might also be called a CD-R or CD- RW drive.

Your CD Burner will come with software for burning CDs. There are several programs out there, so I can’t give you step by step directions, but all you need to do, is chose to burn a data CD, and drag your folders containing the slides onto the data CD window.


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