Studying Network Administration

Dear Computer Lady,

I am 38 and enrolled in Florida Tech. I will be studying to be a Network Administrator /Computer security operator.

Is there anything you would recommend i can do to make my experience more fulfilling.

Thank You ,Mike


Dear Mike,

The best thing you can do, is start collecting older computers from family and friends who are getting rid of them, and set up your own network at home.

This will give you a lot of experience fixing the computers up, and experience setting different operating systems up to “talk” to each other through a network.

In addition, one of the best resources I can tell you about is a mailing list called, PCBUILD. This is a tech support mailing list for networking and computer hardware. You will find PCBUILD at

When you join the list, you will be able to learn from real problems that others are having, and also you will be able to ask questions about your networking issues and get help from some of the most experienced techs in the country.

Most of my computer education came from the two lists at


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