Two Functions On A Keyboard Key

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi! I am trying to do a ‘screenshot’ but not having any luck.

My ‘printscreen’ key is the same as the ‘end’ key. Every time I hit printscreen the only thing that happens is the page advances upwards. I’ve tried several ways–windows key with the printscreen key, alt key with it, control key but nothing seems to help. What do you think I am doing wrong?

I am running Windows 7 on a Toshiba laptop

Thank you for your help, Diana

Dear Diana,

Usually when a key has two functions, you need to hold down the “Function” or “FN” key to access one of the functions of that key.

Some laptops use color coding to identify which action needs the FN key, while others use a symbol like a small box.

For example, if your FN key is blue (or has blue lettering) and your End/Print Screen key has “print screen” in blue lettering, you would need to hold down the FN key while pressing the End key to activate the print screen command.

Another example would be if your FN key has a small box around the letters, your End/Print Screen key would have a box around the words, “Print Screen” indicating that you need to hold down the FN key to activate the Print Screen command.

Hopefully this will help you, Elizabeth


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