USB-2 in Windows XP

Dear Computer Lady,

I just installed a new XP OS on my computer. I have usb-2 connections on my comp., but when I use one, Windows tells me I only have usb-1 and should upgrade to the faster usb-2. Why don’t the OS recognize my usb-2?



Dear Don,

Windows XP does not come with drivers for USB 2, so you will need to install them yourself.

I’m assuming that the USB ports are on your motherboard. If this assumption is correct, then you will need to go online to your motherboard manufacturer and download the drivers.

If the computer is from a major manufacturer, you should be able to find the drivers on their website. If it is a custom built computer, the motherboard would have come with a driver CD that you can load, or, open the case up to identify the motherboard model number and then look it up online.

Once you have located and installed the correct drivers, you USB-2 ports will work like they are supposed to.


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