USB Drive Eject Tip

Dear Elizabeth,
If anybody [ probably with an older computer ] is having a problem with ‘Safe Removal’ of an external drive, I have discovered this neat trick:
• go to My Computer
• right click on the drive to be removed
• click on Eject
This should turn off the drive which can then be removed; hope this will help somebody;
probably I am the only one who didn’t know this.
Then I have a dumb question for you:
How does one make a monetary donation to you toward the newsletter expenses?
Do you have PayPal?
Thank you for all your help; love your Newsletter.
Sincerely, Dean


Dear Dean,

This is a great tip, thank you! It is easier to explain than finding the icon in the system tray.

Anyone can donate to the newsletter with this link:

Thank you very much!

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