Using 2 Computers with 1 Monitor

Dear Elizabeth,

Again, I thank you so much for all the good information you share with us.

I am sending the following info in hopes it might be of use to somebody:

Myself being quite old (79) and set in my ways, I was perfectly happy with my old computer, old printer and old operating system. But then I decided I wanted a new printer which had more capabilities and features than my old one. Unfortunately, the new printer I wanted would not run on my old system. I had many programs on my old computer that would not run if I upgraded to a newer computer and OS. What to do?

Bingo! A friend told me about a marvelous gadget call a KVM Switch (Keyboard – Video – Mouse). This simple inexpensive device allows you to have two or more computers connected to the switch by means of which you can switch back & forth to one or more computers and continue to use your existing keyboard and monitor.

So, I bought the new printer that I wanted, a new computer with later Operating System to run my newer printer and the KVM switch. The new OS also gave me capability to run other stuff that would not run on my older computer.

I was able to keep my old computer so I did not lose my older programs that would not run on the new one. I also kept my old printer (which I liked for the cheap ink tanks) to print ordinary stuff.

I have used this KVM system for at least two years or more without any switching problems, so I was much younger when I first installed it.

Hope this will help somebody.

Thanks again Elizabeth for all your help.

Dean Cunningham

Dear Dean,

Thanks for this great tip! I have used KVM switches for years, both on my workbench and my desk. They work great and allow me to work on two computers at the same time.

My favorite KVM is made by Startech


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