Dear Computer Lady,

Can I use an old vga on a new computer?

I expect to buy a new desktop computer in the next few months but it is likely that the video display will not be included as part of my selection.

Altho I appreciate good resolution and good colors I do not need today’s highest quality or largest size or greatest expense.

Is there any reason why I can not merely connect the older vga and use it for an extended period of time?

Keep up the good work!! thanx, Terry

Dear Terry,

The short answer is yes, you can connect your current PC monitor to a new computer… most of the time.

Your ability to use the vga monitor with your new computer will be dependent on the video adapter that comes with the new computer.

I actually have a detailed explanation, complete with illustrations of different types of video connectors, in my ebook, 7 Things you should know before you buy your next computer.

Just make sure your new computer has a VGA video connection on the back so that you can connect your vga monitor to it.


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    • ron007
    • August 2, 2014

    The easiest way is to ensure your new computer has a VGA connector.

    On most desktop computers that would be normally be on an “Addon” video card. Most computers that use “onboard” / built in video do not have VGA connection.

    Many laptops also still have a VGA connector for external monitors.

    Most new computers have USB or DVI or HDMI or maybe Displayport. If you shop around you can often find converters that will allow you to use your old VGA monitor on the newer computer.

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