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[ad]Hello Computer Lady,

You have been very helpful to the “older generation” and I have a question.

I have wifi in my home, but if I go to the back porch with my i-pad, I have no wifi access.

Was told to purchase a wifi extender but it is expensive, do you have any other alternative for me, other than
to stay in the house when using my iPad?

Thank you, Dana

Dear Dana,

I love to sit on my back porch and read or sew, so I can relate to your problem.

Before you start purchasing new items like a wi-fi extender, I would try moving your router. The signal from your router covers an area kind of like an umbrella protects an area from rain.

So, if you position your router in the middle of your home, and fairly high up, it will reach farther than if it is on one side of your house in the basement or down low on the first floor.

My router, for example is located in the center of my home, on a high shelf. (I have to use a ladder to get to it).

If you are using an older router, purchasing a new, stronger one might also do the trick. Don’t get the cheapest one you can find, but go with the middle price range.



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    • carolinacrump
    • September 8, 2015

    We spent about $40 for an extender and it works well. Logical place for our router is in a cabinet with the computer equipment that’s at one end of the house. The extender sits on top of a cabinet about midway through our home. We can connect to the primary signal or the “extended” one — depending on where we are on our property. Even extends out to our patio/yard. Well worth the money and was easy to install. (Might be a good place for a reminder that wi-fi networks need to be secured. Put a password in place to keep your neighbors from accessing your bandwidth.)

    • GABubba
    • September 8, 2015

    Regarding the router extender: I bought a D-Link Wireless AC750 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1520) at Costco; they are also at Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/p6fxlmo and you can get them for about $39.99. It took me awhile to get it to link up with my router (had to have their free Tech Support walk me through the manual setup), but once it connected, it works WONDERS and it stays connected! I have my ASUS router in one end of the house up high on top of a bookshelf, my Android Tablet is on the other end of the house on the kitchen table, and I have the extender plugged into the wall in between. Now instead of getting Good to Fair connections, I’m now getting “Excellent” at 65 Mbps connections, like I’m standing right under the router. These extenders work great and they boost your signal tremendously. And $40 is not a bad price for the benefit you get from it.

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