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I have a router connected to my computer in my basement and an extender connected to the router. The extender is on a long cable and placed elsewhere in the basement close to an outside wall as close as I can get it to where my daughter uses her laptop in a studio apartment close to my house . (Her laptop is perhaps 50 feet in a straight line from the extender.)

She not infrequently has trouble accessing the internet; sometimes she pushes the reset buttons on the router and the extender and that corrects the problem; sometimes not.

My question is: do routers and extenders come in different “strengths” and would a “stronger” router and/or extender likely solve this problem?

Thank you very much, Henry

Dear Henry,

Yes, routers and extenders do come in different strengths, and that is something you can try, but first, I would try a less expensive remedy.

When you set up a wi-fi router and/or extender the signal covers an area that is kind of shaped like an umbrella. Having your extender in the basement can limit the reach of the signal for a couple of reasons. First the signal has to go through thick basement walls, and secondly it is not high enough to give you good coverage.

Moving your router or extender to a higher level in your house will give you a better range, so try moving them higher in your house before you go out and purchase a stronger one.



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