Wireless Advantages and Disadvantages

Dear Computer Lady,

I have been with you for many years, and this is my first question. I just purchased a HP PC and it has a wirless lan. Besides losing some of the wires is there any other advantage for having this feature and will it low my computer down if I do utilize this feature. Thanks for all the help thru the years and I hope one day you will give lessons for Windows 7.


Dear Cindy,

First, in order for the wireless on your computer to work, you must have a wireless router to send out a signal for the PC to receive.

If your new PC is a desktop, I would just stick with the wires. They are more reliable, and faster than wireless.

If your new PC is a laptop, the wireless will give you the freedom to move around and use the internet anywhere in your house. When I had surgery last year, I used my wireless a lot more. I would sit up in bed and use a small laptop to answer my mail, surf the web, watch Netflix movies, and I even found the time to join Facebook. In the summer, I use my laptop outside on the porch.

Using the wireless will not slow your computer down, and you probably won’t see much of a difference when using it to surf the internet. Downloading or uploading files will take a bit longer though, so I would suggest that you connect using your Ethernet cable when you want to transfer large files.

I am working on lessons for Windows 7, they should be starting up sometime in April.


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