Wireless Stopped

Dear Computer Lady,

My husband has a problem with his wireless on his laptop. It just stopped working. We can’t seem to figure out why. It worked the night before and when he got up in the morning, it would not connect to the internet. Could it be burned out, or another problem? It seems to of disappeared out of his laptop. It used to be in the same place as the bluetooth, now it’s gone. We need a solution.

Any help would be a blessing. Pat


Dear Pat,

I have seen this happen to quite a few customers, and 99% of the time, it is a very simple problem. You have inadvertently turned off the wireless on your laptop.

All you have to do is figure out how to turn it back on…

It sounds easy, but there is no universal way to turn wireless on and off on your laptop. On some laptops, the wireless is a physical switch located somewhere along the front or one of the side edges. There will often be a wireless symbol right next to the switch.

Note: the wireless symbol looks like a tower with sound waves coming from the top of the tower.

Many laptops don’t have a physical switch, but instead work with a keyboard combination. If you can’t find a physical switch on your laptop, take a close look at the keyboard. Get out your magnifying glass if you need it to see all the symbols on the keys, and look for a symbol that might represent wireless.

If you find a key with the wireless symbol on it, take note of its color. Often a laptop has a function key that might have the letters a different color, or perhaps in a small box. If you hold down that function key, and press the key with the wireless symbol, you can turn the wireless on and off.

It can take a few seconds for the wireless to get turned back on, so give it a few seconds before you press the same keys again, or try a different key combination.


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