XP Windows Driver Missing

Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for wonderful and informative newsletters. I have a question for you.

In my Device Manager, I have a yellow question mark against SM Bus Controller.

What does this mean and how to remove this eye-sore from my computer?

I run Windows XP on my computer.

Thank you. Prem

Dear Prem,

The yellow question mark means that the driver for that device is either missing, or not working correctly.

All you have to do to remove the question mark, is to install the correct driver. This might not be as easy as it sounds though.

If your computer came with a drivers disk, you might be able to find the driver on the disk, or you might be able to download it from the manufacturers website.

My advice, however, is to leave it alone unless you are having a problem with the device not working. Often when trying to install new drivers, you end up with problems that you didn’t have before.

If the fact that it is an eyesore is the only problem you are currently experiencing, I would just leave it as it is.


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