How To Merge Duplicate Gmail Contacts

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question concerning contacts in gmail.

Where do I go to find my contacts?

How come some of my contacts are in my there 3or 4 times?

Where do I go to delete them?

I hope this makes sense so you can understand it.

Thank you so much. I enjoy your emails so keep them coming, I have learned a lot from you.

ty so much, sincerely, Carol


Dear Carol,

It used to be that your contacts were listed in the left-hand column of your Gmail window. Actually, they are still there, but you now need to know where to click in order to find them.

If you look near the top of your Gmail window, you will see the word, Google in large letters. Just beneath that, you will see the word, Gmail with a small arrow right after it.

Click on the arrow to the right of the word, Gmail
Click on the arrow

Click on that small arrow, and you will see a drop-down list with three items on it. The middle item is contacts, go ahead and click on “Contacts”.

Click on the "Contacts" link
Click on "Contacts"

Now, your main email window has changed to a contacts window. You should see a list of all your contacts.

Since you have duplicate contacts, there is a tool to help you. Near the top of the window there is a button that says, “More”.

Click on the “More” button, and you will find a list of useful tools. Click on “Find and merge duplicates…” to have Gmail find all duplicate contacts for you.

Click the "Find & Merge duplicates" button...
Click "Find & Merge duplicates"

A list will be displayed where you can view each set of duplicates, and decide if you want to merge them into one contact or not.

Keep the contacts that you want to merge checked, then click the “Merge” button at the bottom to merge them.

It is easy to merge your Gmail Contacts!
It is easy to merge your Gmail Contacts!

Your contacts are probably listed several times because they have sent you email from different email addresses over time, and Gmail saved each of them.

If you want to delete a contact, click the box in front of the name of the contact you want to delete, then click the “More” button at the top and select “Delete contact”.


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