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Dear Computer Lady,

I really look forward to your newsletter and learn something valuable from each edition.

I recently purchased a new computer (Dell) with XP Home edition. Is there a way to alphabetize Favorites? I had finally found how to do it with Win. 98….but cannot do it on XP. It makes it much harder to find a listing when I have to go through everything.

Marviene in GA

Dear Marviene,

I get this question a lot. The problem is that you can see your favorites listed in many places, but you can only alphabetize them in one location.

This also works in earlier versions of windows, so if you have Windows 98 or ME, you can use these directions as well.

The menu bar, is the bar across the top of each window that usually starts with items like “File”, “Edit”, “View” and “Insert”.

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click on “Favorites” in the menu bar. (This will not work if you use Favorites in the toolbar.)

3. When your list of favorites drops down from the menu bar, right click on any one of the shortcuts and then click “Sort by Name”.


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