Are WOT Ratings Accurate?

Dear Computer Lady,

Just as a point of information, Web Of Trust (WOT) rates the Lullaby Lane website as having a “poor reputation”.



Dear Bill,

I actually have WOT installed on my computer… not because I rely on the ratings, but because I want to see what my readers who do use WOT are seeing.

WOT Services, Ltd is a Finnish company that runs an Internet website reputation rating tool Web of Trust (WOT). Where do these ratings come from? WOT users can vote on any website they choose. When you visit a site, a small circle shows you the sites rating. Green is good, yellow or orange is medium and red is bad.

My site is a good example, I visit my website, and it shows a green circle. Does that mean that my site has been examined by WOT users and has a good reputation… not exactly, in my case it means that my site has exactly zero ratings…. so how do they know it is a good site?

When I included the iPad contest in my newsletter last week, ( ) I saw the “poor reputation” rating, but because I have been dealing with the company that owns Lullaby Lane for a while now, and I have found them to be a great company to work with, I ignored the rating.

The other special offer I had in the opening of my newsletter also had a bad reputation, but it to is a reputable company, with a product that is used my many parents world wide.

Why these poor ratings?

Users who rate websites on WOT appear to dislike websites that make a profit, or send you advertisements. Take the iPad contest for example. Not only are the site owners giving away a $600 piece of technology, but they also pay their affiliates for promoting the contest (I earn a small commission for each person who clicks on my link and enters the contest). Where does the money for those costs come from? When you enter the contest, you agree to the terms that say you will receive offers from the company sponsoring the contest. They are building a mailing list of people interested in their products.

If you didn’t already enter the iPad contest, there is still time… it helps support my ability to answer your computer questions, and you just might win an iPad in the process.


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