AVG Professional Antivirus


AVG Professional Antivirus


It has been a few weeks since I talked about antivirus programs, since I have been getting questions from people recently, who think they don’t really need an antivirus program, It is time to talk about it again. If you don’t want to get viruses, which will lead to expensive computer repair bills, please install an antivirus program, and keep it updated!

I have been using AVG for at least the past 5 years, and during that time, I have received thousands of e-mails infected with viruses, and been on the internet every day, yet thanks to AVG, I have never once, been infected with a virus.

Not only has AVG kept my computer protected, but most of the computers that I repair from virus infections come to me running  the antivirus that came with their system. I usually use AVG to get the viruses out of their systems.

AVG is easy to use, it will check for updates every day, and do a full system scan every day. AVG does not slow your system down like some antivirus programs do, and they have great tech support.

Since some systems that have been compromised by viruses have trouble with antivirus programs, I would suggest that you go to AVG’s website at: http://tinyurl.com/87zj4 and download the free trial version. Use it for a month, and then if it is working great for you, please purchase it. A 2 Years License for AVG Professional Single Edition is only $33.30 That works out to only $1.30 per month.

Download the trial today at:



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