Can I Trust Wiki-errors ?

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have an 87 year old friend who got an error then couldn’t send emails.

She uses XP and is set up to pull her g-mail into Outlook 6

I’ve checked all her outlook settings but she still cannot send.

I found a ‘fix’ on wiki (the Microsoft fix didn’t resolve)
but I do wonder if it’s a safe site.

I am wondering what your thoughts are on using a patch from wiki?….

Thank you for your time, Jean

Dear Jean,

I removed most of the link that you included in your email because when I went to look at the site, it looked like a scam. Here is why.

First, the only solution that the site offers directions for is to do a system restore. This is a generic solution at best, and not a solution that will work for every problem.

Second, your, “patch” is actually a link to software that will run a pretend scan, then demand that you buy their “license” to fix the supposed problems, and you will still have your original problem.

Third, I don’t believe that this is an actual Wiki site. In fact, when I looked up, it is owned by an individual in PA named, “Mohammed, Osama”. Compare that to the fact that and are owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. in CA.

You can always reserach ownership of a website at:



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