How To Change Antivirus Programs


Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Dell laptop Inspiron 1720. My trial of TrendMicro PC-cillin has expired and I would like to go to a different program. Someone told me you shouldn’t change is this true? If not, what internet security would you suggest??

Thank you so much, Karen


Dear Karen,

It is perfectly safe to change your antivirus or Internet security program, what is not safe is if you try to run both the old and new program at the same time.

What this means, is that you need to remove the old program, in your case the PC-cillin, before you install the new program. 

My suggestion for Antivirus and Internet security is AVG. I have been using AVG for at least the last 8 years, and it works great! Not only does it protect my computer, but it frequently removes viruses from files that I have backed up for my customers on their computers. 

What you want to do, is click on the AVG icon on this page to head on over to the AVG website and download the 30 day trial of either the antivirus or Internet Security program. When you download the file, save it on your desktop. 

Once you have the AVG trial on your desktop, disconnect from the internet and open your Control Panel. 

Find the “Add/Remove Programs” icon in the control Panel, open it and find your old antivirus in the list of programs. 

Click on your old antivirus, then click on either “Uninstall” or “Remove”

Once your old antivirus program has been uninstalled, restart (reboot) your computer.

When Windows starts back up, double click on the AVG file that was saved to your desktop to start the install routine. 

You can connect to the internet again once AVG has been installed.



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