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Dear Computer Lady,

I have to update Chrome. I don’t know the version, but Chrome says there is an error.

Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work you do

Dear tinindian,

If Chrome is giving you an error, you might want to un-install it first, then download and install the newest version.

To uninstall, go to the Control Panel. You can find it by right-clicking on the start button, then click on “Control Panel” in the context menu.

Once in the Control Panel, click on “Uninstall a program”.

Click on “Google Chrome” and click “Uninstall” in the menu.

Once you have un-installed Chrome, you will need to restart your computer.

Now that you have un-installed chrome and restarted your computer, you can download the latest version and install it. You can get it directly from or you can go to and get it there.

I prefer because they always download the latest version and don’t include any unwanted toolbars or extra junk. Just go to, check off Chrome and anything else you want to install or update, then click the blue, “Get Your Ninite” button.

A file will download, when it is finished, just click on it to install Chrome.

Keep the file that you downloaded and in the future when you want to update Chrome, just double click to run it and it will update you to the latest version.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth


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