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Dear Computer Lady,

I have outlook express for e mails. I am so sorry I installed google chrome. How do I send an e mail link from pages found on Google chrome. It does not have the same bar on top and I hate it.

Thanks for your help.. Cathy


Dear Cathy,

Sending a webpage or link to a webpage in an e-mail directly from Google Chrome is not an option that is programmed into the browser yet. I have read that it will be included in an upcoming release, but in the meantime, you can certainly use Internet Explorer instead of Chrome.

If you really don’t like Chrome, just go back to Internet Explorer. You can make it your default browser easily, just open Internet Explorer and when it a dialog box pops up asking you if you want to make it your default browser, just click “Yes”.

Another way that you can send a link to a web page with either Chrome or Internet Explorer is to click on the address bar to highlight the web address, then use the “Ctrl + C” keyboard shortcut to copy the link.

Once you have copied the link, open your email program, start a new message and paste the link into the body of your message.

Hope this helps you love your internet program once again.


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    • Kate
    • October 16, 2009

    Since Cathy has an ISP e-mail somewhere on her computer, she can do what I did. Somewhere I found a button that I put in my Chrome toolbar that will “send link”. It pulls up my WinMail account and sends the link from there.

    I wish I could send from my google acct since the only time I use my WinMail is to send links.

    Thanks for all your good advice.

    Kate Wilcox

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