Chrome Updates in Vista

Dear Computer Lady,

I have never seen this problem in your column so I am asking for your help again as you have done in the past.

The following message appears on the top of my screen whenever I log in.

“This computer will no longer receive google chrome updates because windows xp and windows vista are no longer supported”.

I have vista. Does this mean I will need a new computer.

Thank you Elizabeth….. Theresa

Dear Theresa,

If your computer is working fine, you will still be able to safely use it for a while longer. According to Microsoft, extended support for Vista will last through April 11, 2017.

However, Google, (the company that brings us Chrome) will be no longer supporting chrome in systems running XP or Vista beginning in November. You can still use Chrome, but it will no longer get security updates.

Once Chrome stops getting security updates, however, you should switch to a different browser. You can use Internet Explorer, or Firefox, which will still be getting security updates for Vista systems at least until April.



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