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Dear Computer Lady,

Love your newsletters..A great help especially to us technology challenged!
I am using Avira Free version of antivirus since Nov. 2015..I have it set do a full scan weekly. I am using Windows 7 pro on my desktop.

I print coupons from the most popular sites. I use,, and a few other well know sites.
After the weekly scan Avira has given an alert everytime I go to a coupon site.I get this pop-up:Adware/coupons 477712.
I was told to stay away from these sites by a friend.They said not to try to un-do it.
Could this be just a temporary thing, Or will this happen forever? The sites will not even load with is alert. Any advice on how to get around this safely?

Thank you for your time and great newsletters. Jan

Dear Jan,

This is probably not a temporary thing. All coupon sites that I am aware of lure you into installing their special coupon printing software, then install advertising software that displays more ads and slows your computer down.

You will have to make the choice between being able to print your coupons and putting up with the advertisements, or not having the adware on your computer, but also not being able to print your coupons.

Most antivirus programs can be set to ignore a certain site or software package, you would have to look at the settings in Avira to see where the setting is located.



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