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Dear Computer Lady,

In my windows 7 when I click on the bookmarks tab at the top of my page, in the drop down list, I cannot delete any bookmarks.

I use windows 7 classic shell, and Firefox. There was a time when I could right click on an un-used bookmark and then delete it, now I can’t. Nothing happens when I right click.

Is there a way to fix it? Mary

Dear Mary,

While I can’t tell you how to fix this problem without first figuring out what is causing the right-click to stop working, I can give you some other methods of deleting bookmarks in Firefox.

If you want to delete a single bookmark in Firefox, first, click on the bookmark to go to that page, then click on the star icon as is you were going to bookmark the page, and click on the button that says, “Remove Bookmark”.

Another way, which also allows you to delete more than one bookmark at a time is to click on the Bookmarks button and click on “Show All Bookmarks”. Select one or more bookmarks to be deleted, then click “Organize” in the menu bar and “Delete” in the drop down menu.



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