Display Menu Bar in Firefox

Dear Computer Lady,

I use Mozilla Foxfire and have Windows XP.

I did something? that caused me to lose the top toolbar that allowed me to print , print preview, bookmark, etc.

How do I get it back?!! Kris


Dear Kris,

I took a look at the toolbars included with Mozilla Firefox, and it looks like you are probably missing the menu bar. This is the bar across the top that includes the following menus.


Since you need to be able to access this menu bar in order to turn it back on, it is a little more difficult to do.

Fortunately, you can access the menu bar in Firefox even if it is hidden by tapping the ALT key on your keyboard. Just follow these directions and you should be back to normal.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox, and tap the Alt key on your keyboard to display the menu bar.

2. In the menu bar, click on “View”.

3. In the “View” menu point to “Toolbars” to display the sub-menu.

4. In the “Toolbars” sub-menu, click on “Menu Bar”.

Your menu bar will now be displayed at the top of your screen.


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    • alexnetherton
    • February 5, 2011

    Hi Elizabeth;
    You can also right click in any of the toolbars at the top of Firefox. The menu bar will show unchecked. Just click beside “menu” to check it, and the menu bar appears.

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