Don’t Uninstall Internet Explorer

Dear Computer Lady,

I have an important note for the person who asked about uninstalling IE.

I would not do that – sometimes Microsoft programs don’t work well with other browsers.

For example, right now I am having trouble attaching files in Hotmail (now called Outlook) using Chrome. I had to use Internet Explorer.

There have been other occasions where third party programs were not compatible with other browsers. This problem seems to be getting rarer, but since I dislike IE, I notice instances when I am forced to use it because of compatibility issues (for example, a while back I had to use IE to spell check while creating an email using Constant Contact.)

Thanks for all your valuable information.

Dear Janeen,

I agree with you. I have two websites that I use frequently that work with Internet Explorer but not Chrome (which is my favorite browser)

I also have some pattern drafting software that depends on Internet Explorer to work as well.



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    • dqlts
    • June 22, 2013

    I’ve also had problems with IE so went to Chrome on the advice of my husband, the real computer expert in this house. I was fine with Chrome until one day I tried to sign into my bank account and couldn’t get in. Hadn’t had a problem previously. So now, I can only get into my account with IE. My bank gave me a procedure to do with the settings in Chrome, that didn’t work either. And I don’t like the new Outlook at all. I’m beginning to believe that saying about old people not liking change!

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