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Dear Computer Lady,

I just tried to download Firefox, but after the download completed and started to extract the files…..I was told it could not install as it needs Win.2000 or newer.   

I still run win.98 second edition.   Is there an option for me to run another firefox version or am I unable to use anything other than the windows version Browser.

I used the firefox on my daughter’s computer recently and was hoping to be able to download today when I got your Newsletter.

Thanks, Kath

Dear Kath,

I don’t have a computer running Windows 98 in my office, so I can’t verify that this will work, but I can tell you how to download an older version of Firefox.

Here are my original instructions for downloading Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox:

You will need to download and install Firefox on your computer before you can use it. Here is how.

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to 

2. Click on the green button that says, “Download Firefox – Free”


3. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to run or save the file. Click on the “Run” button.


4. A security warning dialog box will appear asking if you want to run the software. Click the “Run” button.


5. The Firefox Setup Wizard will begin to run. Click the “Next” button in the first two dialog boxes.




6. In the third setup dialog box, click on the “Install” button.


7. Once Firefox has been installed, you will see a final dialog box. Click on the “Finish” button.


You will now find Firefox in your Start Menu. If you plan to use it frequently as you progress through this series, you might want to create a copy of the icon on your desktop.  Just right click on the Firefox icon in your start menu, point to the “Send To” menu and click on “Desktop (create shortcut)




If you want to download an older version of Firefox, in step 2, click on the small text link below the green button that says, “Other Systems and Languages”. 


On the next page, find the text that says, “Looking for an earlier release?” and click on the link for Firefox just below.


On the Firefox 2 page, you will have to scroll down and find the correct language, (I’m assuming you need English (US) and click on the first download link in that row.


Your download will begin, and you will be able to follow the directions on the web page for installing the program.

I hope this works for you, please let me know if it does or not.


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