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Dear Computer Lady,

I am an avid reader of your weekly newsletter, and I’ve referred you to all of my friends, especially those who are new to computers.

I have Adobe Reader 6.0. When using it on a website recently, I got a message saying that an upgrade to 7.0 is available — but it would appear that I have to take the Yahoo toolbar with it. After clicking on Adobe Reader 7.0 to “add”, I found the Yahoo toolbar listed along with it. And I couldn’t remove the toolbar from the list. Is there any way to upgrade my Adobe Reader to the 7.0 without having to take the Yahoo toolbar as well? I really don’t want it.

Thank you. Lucille


Dear Lucille,

It seems that everyone wants us to install their toolbars these days, I downloaded a free trial of a game the other day, and ended up with the game companies toolbar that I had to keep in order to play the trial version.

I went to and clicked on the link on the left hand side of the page that said “Get Adobe Reader”.

This took me to a page where I could download version 7 of Adobe reader, and there was a section that said “Also Download” with two check boxes where I could easily remove the check mark for the toolbar and a photo album program.

Version 7 of Adobe Acrobat Reader only works with Windows XP. If you have an earlier version of Windows, you will have to continue using version 6.

I hope this helps,


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