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Dear Computer Lady,

I am using Vista as my operating system. It seems like when I find something to download from a web page, I cannot find it. I have looked under documents then downloads.

An example of this is:
The d/l file is a PDF. It does not give a choice to d/l to desktop, etc.

Thank you for all your help! Therese


Dear Therese,

I am so glad you gave me the example, because it helped explain to me exactly what was going on.

Usually when You download a file, it is saved to a location on your hard drive, and then you can double click on the file to run it.

One exception to this rule is PDF files. Since your web browser can display a PDF file right in the browser window, the PDF file will be downloaded to your “Temporary Internet Files” folder and displayed from there. This is why you can’t find the file in the usual places once you have viewed it in your browser and then closed the window.

There is one simple step you can take to save your pdf document in whatever location you desire. Just follow these directions.

1. While you have your web browser and you are looking at the pdf file, you will notice that there is an extra toolbar at the top of the window.

2. In this toolbar is a printer icon, a floppy disk icon, arrows to change from one page to the next, and a few other items. You want to use the floppy disk icon.

3. Click on the floppy disk icon, and a dialog box will open that says, “Save a copy…” Using the dialog box, select the location you want to save the document, and then click the “Save” button.

Now, you have a copy of your file saved exactly where you want it.



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