Drop Down Lists

Dear Computer Lady,

Is there any way to enter the state when there is a drop down menu?

It takes more time to use the drop down menu to enter IL because IA comes up then you have to go to the mouse and click on the arrow and select the proper state. It is much faster to type IL and be done.

Can I turn off or eliminate that drop down menu part?

Thanks, I really love getting your newsletter, it is so helpful.


Dear Anne,

I know exactly what you are talking about, because I live in Maine and when I am filling out a form where there is a drop down list for states, the ME for Maine comes after the MA for Massachusetts.

When I am filling out a form, I don’t really use my mouse. I use the Tab key on my keyboard to move from one section of the form to the next. When I come to a drop down list for states, I tap the letter M once, then tap the M a second time and my state, ME is highlighted.

In your case, you would simply tap the letter, I until your state is displayed.

This will make filling out forms far less painful for people like you and I who prefer the keyboard.


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