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Dear Computer Lady,

I have switched ISP’s but the name of my old one keeps coming up on my Internet Explorer Title bar. I wrote to them, asking how to remove it, and they couldn’t help me and told me to contact my new ISP to remove it, saying certain programs get ‘branded’.

I know this is a silly thing but I don’t want to look at their name anymore. How do I remove it?

Kind regards, Amber


Dear Amber,

It is possible to remove the name of your old ISP from the title bar of Internet explorer, but you will have to edit the registry in order to do so.

Be careful editing the registry, if you make the wrong change while in there, you could cause Windows to stop working.

If you are brave enough to edit the registry, here are the directions:

1. Click on Start, then Run. The run window will appear, type regedit in the run box, and then click OK or press ENTER.

2. When the Registry Editor window appears, click the plus sign [+] next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

3. In the submenus, open the following items by clicking on the plus sign one at a time:





4. Look in the right side of the window, for the item named “Window Title”, and double click on it.

5. In the box that opens, delete the name of your old ISP in the Value Data field of the Edit String dialog box. Type in the name of your new ISP, or any name you want and click OK.

6. When you restart Windows, the new name will appear in your IE title bar.


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