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I recently acquired a Dell Computer with Windows 7 and was using FireFox browser: FireFox was scrambling some words (not all) on my screen; I copied this scrambled words and pasted into an Email: the words came out clear and the way that should be: Question: What caused this and can it be fixed.
I visted the same sites with Internet Explorer and the words were not scrambled on my screen.

My Computer has 8GB RAM.

Internet Explorer is so slow that I hate to use it.
Google Chrome is just as slow or slower.

Is there a web browser that is as fast as FireFox but will not scramble words on your screen?

Thank you, Harold

Dear Harold,

FireFox should not be scrambling the words on your screen, so I’m guessing that either something in Firefox is corrupt, or the font that it is using is corrupt.

I would try uninstalling Firefox, then download a new copy and re-install. Make sure you restart the computer after you remove FireFox and before you install a new copy.

If you are still having the problem, a visit to your local computer repair shop might be a good idea. A computer with 8GB of RAM running Windows 7 should not be slow, so the computer might need some cleaning up, or even a fresh install of Windows.



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