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Dear Computer Lady,

Do you provide your clients a pathway to the AVG free software?

Also, I consider Ad-Aware and Spy-Bot to be essentials, as well as Malbyte’s Anti-Malware software. Have you used any of those? It has allowed me to stop paying for Norton Anti-Virus and the other pay protectors.

Thanks, Don


Dear Don,

The free version of AVG software has always been available at and I do sometimes install it for my clients. In the past 6 months, however, there have been so many malicious programs on the internet that are not viruses, but will quickly disable a computer, that I can no longer tell my clients that they will be safe with just the free antivirus. I always advise that they visit my website at and click on the link for AVG and purchase the full internet security suite. It is what I am currently using to protect my computers.

In addition to the AVG security, I like to set my clients up with two additional free programs.

First is spybot search and destroy at . Once installed, you can update the program, and then use the immunize function to protect your computer against known threats. As long as the client remembers to update and re-immunize every week or two, this provides a good additional layer of protection.

The second program is Spyware Blaster at Spyware Blaster also has update and protection functions. In this program, you check for updates, then click on the item that says, “Enable all protection”. Again, as long as the user checks for updates, then enables protection, this program will block malicious software from getting into the system.

Both of these free programs provide protection but do not need to be running in the background. This means that they don’t slow your computer down, they don’t conflict with your antivirus software, and they can both be installed on a computer at the same time.

I have used Ad-Aware in the past, and I have nothing against it, I just feel that the two programs I use are the best for my clients needs, and adding another program would probably be overkill.

The free version of anti malware that you mentioned is a good program, but it is better used after the fact to remove infections. I am pretty sure you have to purchase it in order to use it to prevent infections.


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